The scramble for promotion

I love writing books, and I love writing my blog. Promoting them? Not so much, I find that to be a distraction from what I really want to do: write.

But that’s not the attitude that works now. The internet has created a massive, bottomless vortex of material that continually swirls around with countless writers trying to be heard in the wilderness. If no-one is reading your work , are you in fact writing in the forest? Does the writing make a sound if there’s no-one there?

I write promotional material for my books, and I hope that thee posts and ads not only give a squeak of publicity to my work but also either raise a brief chuckle or groan, or provoke questions.

I try to steer away from the HERE I AM, BUY MY BOOK style, but it does creep in sometimes and I apologise for that.

Here are my Top Five favourite ads so far for my new Christmas book, ranked in my order of preference. Please do let me know if you disagree.

With the wonders of techie apps, they take longer to think up than publish sometimes, but I hope you have gained something from them. I have a few left up my sleeve before the 4 November when my book comes out on Amazon Books.

The featured image has probably the daftest so far, accompanied by the words: BREAKING NEWS – Santa is a confused Vulcan. I noticed the odd positioning of his fingers and couldn’t resist. Either that or Santa’s a Mason.

Here are the promotions that I’ve selected, in ascending order…


I quite like this one, using a quote from my book to make a point on Santa’s provenance…It gained points with me for being probably the most lurid offering.


This is still pleasingly on theme but a little more enticing. Why such a specific date for Santa’s stage entrance? Who was there before him? Has he always been like the jolly man in the red and white robe?


More mystery! What in God’s name is the reference to graffiti and Banksy doing here? Is it just the shock value, or is there a grain of truth in this? Granted the framing is a bit crude and the pink lettering a bit OTT, but hey ho. Or at least, ho-ho-ho.


This is more what I had in mind, but it’s, to be honest, a volume business so some of the material will miss the mark. This nicely alludes to the 1863 date – Santa was here before he took the world stage, but not necessarily as we have always “known” him…

Cute pic – thanks to Unsplash for the image.


Without question my favourite. A hint of mystery, righteousness, scandal and intrigue which hopefully makes you want more…The quote from my book is rooted in the reality of the Christmas card industry at its outset.



Alan Camrose

Amazon Books – 04.11.2021

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