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Alan Camrose with beard

Exciting news!

Another 5 star independent review!

Fresh from my Blog/Book Tour in June:

I freaking loved this!

BookishWoo: 5.0 out of 5 stars

“I freaking loved this! Yes you heard right, if I could sum my review up in 4 simple words that would be exactly what I would write!

So what made this so good I hear you ask?

For starters, Alan managed to bring 2 of my favourite genres together and it just worked, so well. From the 1st page I was sold, it reeled me in and didn’t let go. This was a book I could really sink my teeth into.

Told in multiple POV’s, which trust me when I say it doesn’t always work and you can easily get lost and have to go back on yourself, I can honestly say this flowed with absolute ease. Each Chapter is told by a one of the main Character’s and you know straight away whose POV you are reading as it’s a chapter heading. The main characters are relatable, quirky and I loved getting to know them.

This was really was well written and Alan is very descriptive when setting a scene. As this is not set in a fictitious world and set in Brighton, you can truly imagine yourself there, especially if you know the area well. This is one of the main reasons I loved this so much. As a fantasy lover, I am used to world building and imaginary places, but having the story set in a actual place with the fantasy element running alongside, was refreshing. Everything is there for fantasy fans…..magic, demons, fae folk, The list goes on. For thriller fans there is murder, mystery and an engaging plot.

All in all this had everything to keep me enthralled and not forgetting it had me laughing out loud in places, Alan clearly has a wicked sense of humour which clearly shines through in his writing.

I received Lost In Plain Sight by Alan Camrose for free in exchange for an honest review as part of a blog tour for Love Books Tours

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New-look blog

Alan Camrose with beard
Beard Me In My Lair!

I’m excited about my recently launched Lair Of The Camrose – my Blog – which has been very well received and I look forward to stuffing the Lair with much more content in the future. Keep those comments and messages coming, and remember to wipe your feet when you exit the Lair in case you stepped in some spilled ichor!

My latest blog post: not about books this time (except Nick Hornby’s classic Fever Pitch!) – my latest post is about the current dangers threatening football…

Charlie George Arsenal goal celebration 1971 FA Cup final vs Liverpool
Charlie George, the Snow Angel – FA Cup final, 1971


I’m in the middle of my current w.i.p, a supernatural thriller.

First line:

It began with a cat, a single-decker London bus and the First World War, not necessarily in that order.

Guardian Angel

More details later, when I will need some help from beta readers, pretty please…


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