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This time, I hope this post will make you Epée …

We decided to do some Olympic fencing. My bad. I mis-understood. We did fence painting instead.

Regardless, if there were an Olympic Gold awarded for that discipline, then I reckon I’d be in with a shot. There’s skateboarding and surfing, so why not fence painting?

Anyway, last week, we only found time to work on fence posts in my garden, not blog posts. The only worry is that the medal would be only a Silver – Silver Birch Grey, rather than Gold. That was a clear possibility given the artistic spray of paint around the arena. Think of it as a similar artistic exercise to Rhythmic Gymnastics with a ribbon. But with paint.

All for the glory with the Olympic Rings…

The majesty of the Olympic Rings

And then, of course, there’s the mechandising:

Official kit merchandising – available now

It all felt like more of a Marathon, or perhaps more accurately the Pentathlon:

Pressure wash


First Coat

Second Coat



I thought of it as a triumphant debut, never having painted anything before except maybe an Airfix aircraft or two when I was a kid, and they always came out Smudge Brown. This time it was a team event. A relay. Three of us in the team, handing over the baton (more to the point, brushes) as we worked our way round.

But we reached the Finish Line, well the bit of the finish Line not covered over by paint splashes.

It has taught me that I can do this sort of thing, but unlike the Olympics I want to leave it to the professionals in the future…I think I will quit while I’m ahead – the pressure will give me (more) grey hairs.

Silver Birch Grey.

Someone else can carry the torch from now on…

The Olympic Flame



Alan Camrose

En garden

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