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Deep Inside The Lair Of The Camrose

Follow me if you dare

The embedded YouTube video below will take you beyond the path to the Lair and down into its ever-changing (ie messy) secret depths, braving the Guard Hound, viewing the treasures of the Great Library, before reaching the Candy Pink String of Writingness.

Come along for the ride…

In case you are minded not to take the danger of your trip seriously, behold the terrifying Jasper Hound, the creature that can read your every movement to detect tasty snacks and can roar like a dragon in his sleep (and yelp very cutely sometimes during a good squirrel-chasing dream):

The feared Jasper Hound of Outer Darkness, Guardian of the Deep Gate

Please exit on the left, avoiding the lightning storm as you go.

Beware the lightning as you scurry to safety from The Lair Of The Camrose…

On your way out, please do drop a comment – if your hands are not shaking too much with terror, and remember to collect all of your belongings (especially edible ones – Jasper has you in his sights)…

I look forward to seeing you again down here for blog posts, quizzes, human sacrifices and other cool stuff...

Alan Camrose writes books, this Blog and quizzes . His clones help him to find time to do all these things simultaneously. His coffee machine is set to intravenous. His golden retriever, Jasper, is set to Hungry Cute at all times. His cat – Pagoda – is like all cats, she doesn’t help him at all. Even though he is a certified cat-whisperer (more a cat-yeller). Pagoda rules the house with an iron claw. Alan lives with the rest of his family in Surrey. Please do visit him at his website:

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