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Blog, books, reviews, human sacrifices (by appointment only)

Dare to explore my Lair

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Exciting news! Look out for my blog tour about my book, Lost In Plain Sight…Available on Amazon for 0.99 (free on Kindle Unlimited) Buy now

More details soon!
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I have just launched The Lair Of The Camrose, my Blog stuffed with articles, musings, pics and other stuff, including a video trip into the heart of the Lair.

Latest blog post: reviews of selected thrillers from the bookshelves in my Lair…


Shows my playful Joker face

Try out my cat lovers literary quiz at Goodreads. A Magic-based one is coming shortly! It will ruffle your fur…

The Art of Paw

Alan Camrose writes books, this Blog and quizzes . His clones help him to find time to do all these things simultaneously. His coffee machine is set to intravenous. His golden retriever, Jasper, is set to Hungry Cute at all times. His cat – Pagoda – is like all cats, she doesn’t help him at all. Even though he is a certified cat-whisperer (more a cat-yeller). Pagoda rules the house with an iron claw. Alan lives with the rest of his family in Surrey. Please do visit him at his website:

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