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The Lair Of The Camrose

Welcome to my new home.

This is the first post on my new website

Published by Alan Camrose on April 16, 2020

My Blog, in The Lair Of The Camrose, is part of my newly revamped website. It’s my bespoke stomping ground in the Intermatrix. You are very welcome, and thanks for stopping by…

This time, I’m taking a look round with you, into my den, my wordshack, palace and stately ruin that serves as my hangout in cyberspace. Glad to have you along for the ride.

I have been working on social media for a few months, trying to figure out the various platforms, battling with the tech and carrying on in the face of TBV (That Bastard Virus). I have carved a deep cavern in the byways of the Internet together with squillions of other people trying to be heard, trying to promote their whatever (the WordPress YouTube vids are my firm favorites at the moment).

Except when they utter the dreaded words code or coding…That earns a swift visit to the top right-hand X of Doom.

In the coming weeks and months, I will post reviews, articles, newsletters and quizzes, and information about my new projects, in an effort to give insights into me and my work, and why I’m pursuing the Writing Thing.

But first, there’s the small matter of my pad in this neighbourhood.

Indian dancing girls
There are Indian dancing girls to greet us.

Burmese Buddha staring eyes
A mystical Buddha to look over us and protect us.

A fearsome guardian:

pagoda cat fearsome guardian
Baby Yoda, eat your heart out

A vista over a vast valley of temples from one of the higher floors.

Bagan pagodas landscape
Magical landscape TM

No need for a reservation, there’s room enough for all….

Take a look at my other blog posts: see if they lure you deeper into my lair…

Welcome to the party, pal….

John McClane

Alan Camrose writes books, this Blog and quizzes . His clones help him to find time to do all these things simultaneously. His coffee machine is set to intravenous. His golden retriever, Jasper, is set to Hungry Cute at all times. His cat – Pagoda – is like all cats, she doesn’t help him at all. Even though he is a certified cat-whisperer (more a cat-yeller). Pagoda rules the house with an iron claw. Alan lives with the rest of his family in Surrey. Please do visit him at his website:

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