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Alan Camrose with beard
Beard Me In My Lair!

I spend a lot of time in my study these days.

I can visit Discworld, Treasure Island and Laos, to name but a few destinations, without the inconvenience or environmental impact of trying to fly there. No need to avoid the turtles either. My bookshelves are satisfyingly 3D, allowing me to remember things like my trip to Xian and my capture of a Terracotta Warrior. Days that seem a very long time ago from where I presently sit…

I’d love you to share some of my journeys: in my battered office chair, my trusty steed. One arm of it is held together by a coil of candy pink string. You can come and peek into my bookshelves. And my books (available on Amazon).

Try some of the escapism in my fantastic fiction and see if any of it fits.

I’d also love you to visit my Blog, The Lair Of The Camrose, which allows me free rein to share stuff with you, including my thoughts on the creative writing process, reviews of stuff (books, movies and plays), and even a quiz.

Please do SIGN UP below to receive my free newsletters, quizzes, and other stuff from my lair. I will not bombard you, but will let you have access to stuff in the same way that I expect others to treat my Inbox…

Please take a look at my published books.

You can find out more in My Books.

The Lair Of The Camrose then awaits you. Simply pass over the drawbridge, past the living gargoyles and through the gauze curtains into my sanctum sanctorum…

myanmar landscape of pagodas shows the lair
Enter a place of Mystery

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